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Audio Drama Production Class Starting in January

Chapman University: Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
FTV 329/529-09: Audio Drama Production
Enrolling for Interterm 2017
January 3-28


Ode to Browntown.

Excuse the fragmented speech, this is a rough one. It’s January 30th,…


Special Judge at Upcoming “Pawgeant” – Sunday May 1st

Hello Everyone!
This weekend (Sunday May 1, 2016 – 1515 w….

A Soldier’s Response to the 15 hour Minimum Wage remark with the photo of the injured Marine.

I created this, because I was tired of people sharing my response,…


AWP Conference – Audio Drama and Podcasting: The Future is Now

Coming up on April 1st I will be speaking at the AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Conference ….


The History of Wayland Productions – Part 1 – Coming Home

Wayland Productions has been around for a long time. I created it in high school as a way to start and establish a business early for creating multimedia content….


The big news…

Hello everyone,
I have some big news to share with all of you….

The set for our new venture, Apt2c!

Apartment 2c will soon open its door.

Apartment 2c is coming Tuesday Feb 2nd, 7:30 pm PST! Join us for our weekly live hour-long show revisiting the entire series of We’re Alive….

The new location for the editing workstation

Outpost 1; Life Finds A Way

First, a little background…
The marathon that is “having a child,”…

The Master Journal Logo

Welcome to The Master Journal

Welcome to the Master Journal,
I’ve debated on doing this for some time,…