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Everyone is Here! Super Smash Bros Ultimate Amiibo Welcome

Everyone is Here!

If anyone is interested, it’s my collection. Been collecting since day one,…

Kc Lego Wish List

So, I’ve been building like crazy while I’ve been off my feet and put together a wish list for Christmas in case someone gets me as a secret santa….

So, I have to have hip surgery… at 36.

Unfortunately I have to have hip surgery coming up in November this year (2018)….

Casting for “Possessions” Audio short

Voice Over
Union Status: NON-UNION
Possessions is an Audio Drama short for the ”…

Various Recording setups involving actors circling each other, with mics and music stands for scripts, and a audio control booth.

Theater for the Mind – Summer Course at Chapman University

I have the privilege to teach a summer course involving my favorite subject “Theater for the Mind”….

The Dramatic Podcast Workshop at The 2018 HEAR Now Festival

Great news everyone!
This year I will be leading the Dramatic Podcast Workshop at the 2018 Hear-Now Festival in Kansas City,…

We’re Alive: Frontier is about to leave the station!

We’re Alive is back and with something new in store. Join us as we embark into the Frontier,…

Bombs Always Beep – Creating Modern Audio Theater – Ebook now available!

“Bombs Always Beep” has arrived!
Kc Wayland’s comprehensive book covering the creation of modern audio theater is now available!…

Kc Wayland heading to the Austin Film Festival for several panels and workshops!

Hello fans of Audio Theater! This weekend I will be headed to one of my favorite cities for the Austin Film Festival….

The Raven – New Audio Theater from Wayland Productions

We are pleased to bring you a new Theater for the Mind,…