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We’re Alive: Frontier is about to leave the station!

We’re Alive is back and with something new in store. Join us as we embark into the Frontier,…

The big news…

Hello everyone,
I have some big news to share with all of you….

Apartment 2c will soon open its door.

Apartment 2c is coming Tuesday Feb 2nd, 7:30 pm PST! Join us for our weekly live hour-long show revisiting the entire series of We’re Alive….

WA:Lockdown is in the can!

Ok, so technically it’s not a physical “can”, but several copies on hard drives to say the least……

Tales from We’re Alive: Lockdown – Production Update

Hello everyone!
It’s been a while hasn’t it? The last time we were with you we were finishing up Season 4,…

Kc’s headed to SXSW!

Hello good sirs and madams,
I have some great news if you’re in Texas OR just coming to SXSW….

We’re Alive – Chapter 44, 3 years in the making…

It’s here: Chapter 44, Life and Death…
There was hardly an event planned for more in the series than this….

Season 4 of We’re Alive is officially in pre-production.

Well, the reality of it is that it has been in pre-production since we left off in December,…

Up at Noon!

Why hello San Fran. Excited for being on upcoming show on Up at Noon with Greg Miller at IGN….

We’re Alive LIVE and in the flesh!

We’re Alive LIVE and in the flesh!
July 27th 2012
Assistance League Stage
1367 N….