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Hello everyone!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? The last time we were with you we were finishing up Season 4, and we teased the release of our next project “Tales from We’re Alive.” As we are continuing pre-production of the project there’s a few details we can share with you and tease you a bit on what’s to come.

First off, what is “Tales from We’re Alive”? It’s a series of side-stories involving other characters from within the We’re Alive world. The stories will involve mostly new characters, but there’s a rumor floating around that there will also be a cameo or two from the original cast. The short answer is, yes, at least for this adventure we are currently writing.

The first production is called “Lockdown” and involves the Twin Towers Jail featured prominently in Season 4 of WA. The story follows six inmates and two guards as the outbreak starts, and the jail is thrown into lockdown. And while we will mostly have an all-new perspective, the story will also continue to build off the lore already created, and perhaps even bring new “information” that was previously not in the main series.

Are there any more “Tales” after this one? Well, that depends on how well this one does. What does that mean? This series won’t be available for free, at least we’re not planning on it right now. But, before you grab your pitch-forks, let me explain.

We want “We’re Alive”, the series, to always be online for free. 48 hours of entertainment, spanning 5 years of work for $0… not too bad if you ask us. The costs of operating during that time were offset by personal investments, donations (thank you all again), merchandise sales, and our remastered versions. Now, as we venture into a new chapter, we want to start launching our company into a more self-sustaining business model. If Tales goes well, we will make more side stories, and possibly even produce another original series.

As the cheers and goosebumps may subside, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. By now you might be asking some more details on “Lockdown”. Given the current page count and estimated length, it could be the equivalent to half of a season (4 to 6 hours). There’s still a lot more work to be done on the script, and this is still a loose estimate.

How and when will it be released?

As we get closer to the production portion we’ll post more details on when, but a safe bet would be Summer 2015. It COULD be sooner, but we’d rather do it right, not rush it, and create something that’s very unique. The storytelling style, pacing, characters and content will be somewhat different than the original series.

Where will you be able to get it?

We’ll be working with the publisher on how to release this in a timely manner and also to see if we can have a hard release date, rather than it being available on different sites at different dates (iTunes vs Amazon, etc…).

What do we do now? 

Be patient. Keep in mind this still isn’t our full-time gig (for now) and have to work our normal day jobs between creating this new adventure. For those who like to rip apart theories, or pick apart my words looking for clues, I’m creating a thread here if any fans care to discuss.

Artwork by: Ben Hosac.

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Kc Wayland

Creator of "We're Alive: A Story of Survival" and "We're Alive: Lockdown". Writer and director, with a current focus on audio drama production.
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  • I freaking think you’re awesome bringing back radio drama and infusing the zombie story with it. Please hurry and maune you should quit your daytime jobs.

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