The “Other” Space on the iPhone

What is all that “Other?”


So my iPhone is LOADED with something other than what it’s supposed to have, and in a very hefty way. Over 11 gigs of “other”. What on earth is that? I can’t seem to find out using the program “iExplorer” which lets you browse the contents of your iPhone. Great program BTW! Let me grab my voice memos off there since iTunes apparently doesn’t want to sync those any more.

Maybe it’s my text messages. I never delete those. Let me try that now. Okay, got .6 gigs back, but that’s it. 11.1 to go…

Wow. Hey, if you got ideas, I’d love to hear em.

UPDATE: I think I found it?

Digging through the files I found that my voice memos were duplicated 61 times each! 61! Well, some were less, but they are huge! 10 gig of voice memos, really? So I’m going to back them up, delete them and see what happens. The newer ones aren’t doing the mass duplication thing, but I’m not sure where the problem started. Let’s see if removing them works.

UPDATE 2: IT WORKED! I deleted all the voice memos after backing them up and I’m down to 1.8 gigs (Which I’m okay with)

Why was it making such redundant data duplications? I’m not sure. I even tried deleting the files in voice memo on the phone and they files were still in there! No wonder I was having so much trouble syncing. Every time I did I think it was duplicating data.

So many duplicates!



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Creator of "We're Alive: A Story of Survival" and "We're Alive: Lockdown". Writer and director, with a current focus on audio drama production.
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