We’re Alive: Frontier is about to leave the station!


We’re Alive is back and with something new in store. Join us as we embark into the Frontier, 17 years after the initial outbreak. Join our new characters as the play in the world, and roll the die to see if their plans succeed or fail. This hybrid show is produced by Geek and Sundry and based in the WA world created by Kc Wayland. Each week we will be continuing our adventure into the...

Apartment 2c will soon open its door.


Apartment 2c is coming Tuesday Feb 2nd, 7:30 pm PST! Join us for our weekly live hour-long show revisiting the entire series of We’re Alive. We’ll be featuring behind the scenes moments, cut material from the show, interviews with the cast and crew, contests, prizes, and more. There might even be hints or clues regarding upcoming projects. Each live-streamĀ is going to be roughly an...

Wayland Productions?